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Boise State Athletics Movers

Air Van is the trusted provider of transportation services for the Boise State University Athletics Department. We are responsible for transporting the necessary equipment to their away games for these Boise State athletic teams. In addition, we handle the relocations for the athletic teams’ coaches and their families when transferring to a different location. We go above and beyond to ensure that all these teams’ shipments arrive on-time and ready for use for their next big game.

Boise State University boasts nearly 20,000 students and a thriving athletic department. We provide all the necessary transportation and storage solutions for the athletic department at Boise State and do so with proficiency. Whether it’s for the football team, wrestling team, track team or any other division, we will transport and install the items needed for success on game day.

When the football team travels to an away game, we transport the helmets, equipment, uniforms, pads and all other necessary items to their destination. We realize the team doesn’t have a second set of these items, and the timely transport of these necessities is critical. Our highly-trained professionals drive through the night to ensure the equipment arrives in time for game. Our crew will help set up the equipment and do anything else these Boise State teams need.

We have moved bleacher systems into stadiums and installed them for the game. We have stored excess equipment, such as wrestling mats, in our expansive facilities. Our professionals have hauled all the track equipment and set it up at the new location. We do anything in our capacity so that the teams have what they need when it comes time to play.

For all the coaches relocation needs, Air Van efficiently transports their household goods to their new destination. When a coach gets transferred or chooses another position, we are the company trusted to safely and securely transport their household goods. If possible, we try and send our decorated Boise State semi to transport these belongings just to show our solidarity with the university and let everyone know who Air Van is moving.

Air Van is active in participating in charity events and fundraisers for Boise State University. We donate all of our services for these important events, and we even sponsor youth football camps for future Boise State players. We are dedicated to our active role in providing unparalleled transportation and storage services to the athletic department at the highly-regarded Boise State University.