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Boise, Idaho Records Management and Document Storage

When you are in need of Idaho records management and document storage, Air Van Idaho is the company to entrust with your sensitive files. We are professionals who pride ourselves on our integrity and discretion, which provides you with the security that your business files will be safe while in our storage facility. Your sensitive business records will remain confidential and secure when availing of our Idaho records management and document storage.

Air Van Idaho Records Management Facility

Our Idaho records management and document storage facility is a modernized, state-of-the-art warehouse. Our facility is expansive with 30,000 square feet of space for your business records. The Air Van Idaho facility is climate-controlled and moisture-free, ensuring no damage to your sensitive documents. Also, your business records will be contained in fire-proof vaults while stored in our facility. Our warehouse is fully secured with burglar alarms, fire protection systems and 24-hour surveillance cameras.

Air Van Idaho Document Storage and Management

We have over 200,000 boxes of records at our Boise, Idaho records management and document storage facility. Air Van Idaho has an inventory system to keep track of each and every file. When you need one of your specific files or records, our skilled professionals are able to retrieve the document within one hour and have it delivered to you within four hours. This up-to-the-minute tracking and retrieval of your documents and records is an ability that sets Air Van Idaho above competitors in the industry.

As part of our Idaho records management and document storage services, we provide the pickup, storage and delivery of back-up data for our customers to ensure that your invaluable information is never lost. We store sensitive documents and business records for medical offices, law offices and many other high-profile businesses. Our sophisticated facility is capable of handling any of your business records and documents needs.