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Boise, Idaho Specialized Transportation Services

Air Van Idaho specialized transportation services find the technique for transporting and shipping high-value and specialty items. We are renowned for our ability to transport these sensitive, delicate and high-value items with the utmost care and responsibility. For more than 50 years, we have been trusted to ensure customized transportation of fine art, trade show exhibits, computer systems, medical equipment and more.

Final Mile Shipping for High-Value Items

As part of our Idaho specialized transportation services, we not only ship and deliver specialty items, but we will install them as well. We transport specialty items all over the world, so there is no shipment need which we cannot achieve. Many companies trust in us for their specialty shipping needs, from medical offices to art galleries. We will ship any type of high-value item, from custom choppers and bronze statues to hospital beds and dental chairs. For some of our customers, we have shipped copiers and printers, high-priced electronics and heavy sculptures. Recently, we shipped an antique, neon and porcelain sign measuring over 20 feet tall and a foot and a half wide. There is no item too valuable, fragile or large for us to transport.

Inventory Management for High-Value Items

We have created an innovative and useful web-based inventory system for our Air Van Idaho specialized transportation services. Our online inventory system allows customers to view inventory, send orders and track their specialty shipments. We can receive the request for shipment, deliver the specialty items and then send a notification of delivery to the customer. All of this is accomplished in a specific time frame, making our specialty shipping process efficient and streamlined through the use of our web-based inventory tracking system.

Final Mile Shipping from Air Van Idaho

Any high-value or sensitive item in need of specialty shipping, rigging and/or padding can benefit from our Idaho specialized transportation services. Our skilled professionals are adept at transporting specialty items, ensuring delivery in a timely manner anywhere in the world. When you’re in need of specialized transportation services, trust in Air Van Idaho.